Versailles and Venet

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This year’s guest artist at the Palace de Versailles is French painter and sculptor Bernar Venet. His monumental sculptures will be adorning the gardens and framing the palace.

After a very popular year with the art of Japanese super star Takashi Murakami, the museum veers in more concrete and less whimsical direction. Venet’s avant-garde sensibilities in his paintings, installations, performance, gigantic sculptures and even writing have made a lasting mark on the contemporary aesthetic landscape. The exhibition is on view from June 1st through November 1st, 2011.


The stolen Virgin

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A 14-th Century panel painting that was stolen from an Italian villa in the 70s was traced to the permanent collection of the J.B. Speed Art Museum in Kentucky. The piece was one of 14 taken from the Italian villa. The Speed Art Museum bought it in 1973 from the Newhouse Galleries in New York for $38,000. The triptych has been attributed to Jacopo del Casentino, who died in 1358. Italian authorities will now decide what will become of the painting.

Other works by Jacopo del Casentino, a fresco painter of sacred images who founded a Company of Painters in Florence in 1349.  A Tattoowall can also recreate any of these exact images.

New Klimt

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Look what the latest Tattoowall class produced!

Water Serpents, by Klimt.

With  a different kind of hero, Master Plasterer Jean-François Furieri of Iconoplast Designs in Toronto.

This Broadway theatre is located at 213 West 42nd Street in Manhattan and has been called Foxwoods, the Hilton and the Ford Center for the Performing Arts. (At one time it was the Apollo and Lyric Theatres.)

In 2009, Jean-François was called in to set the stage for Broadway’s largest production ever.

Jean-François had come from a large scale restoration job in Toronto and his task in New York was herculean. His team’s mandate was to retain 100% of the historic plaster – stabilize, crate, transport and store until re-installation. They spent three months painstakingly removing monumental plaster ornaments from the Apollo.

The theatre reincorporates key elements from its past lives. Today, patrons visiting the theatre sit under the dome from the Lyric and proscenium arch from the Apollo, and pass through the ornate Lyric facades on 43rd and 42nd Streets.

The proscenium needed to be reconstructed and increased in size. The proscenium arch was cut into 69 sections, the elliptical dome into 34, and the great sail vault over the orchestra pit into nearly 70 parts. A special metal structure had to be created to hold the pieces in place for paint removal.

The pieces were then packaged in crates and transported to storage.

The restoration work took a whole year to be completed, and left the Foxwoods ready for the production of the new musical Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, which was anticipated to open in December 2010. However, problems surrounding the large budget of the show have delayed its opening, now scheduled for June 14, 2011.

The Master of Plaster,  Jean-François Furieri.

The Wounded Angel

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This painting, The Wounded Angel, is the most famous by Finnish symbolist painter Hugo Simberg and can be seen along with other of his works at the Didrichsen Art Museum in Helsinki, Finland, during a special exhibit until August 28th. The 1903 painting was voted Finland’s “national painting” by the Ateneum Art Museum in 2006.

When Simberg was commissioned to paint the frescos at Tampere Cathedral in 1905-06, he did a larger version of The Wounded Angel, his favorite painting.

Moscow is moving ahead with the construction of Crystal Island, a 1500 ft. tall multi use structure featuring 900 apartments, 3000 hotel rooms, an international school for 500 students, cinemas, a theater, sports complex and much more. It will house 30,000 residents and it  will contain more floor space than any other structure on Earth.

The £2 billion “city inside a building” was designed by Lord Foster. The surface area of the proposed Crystal Island complex in Moscow is more than double that of the largest current building, and visitors will be able to enjoy panoramic views of Moscow on the viewing platforms located 980 ft. above ground.

A rare wooden bust by Paul Gauguin has been sold at auction in New York for $11.2 million, setting a record for a sculpture by the French artist. The “Jeune Tahitienne” sculpture dates from Gauguin’s visit to Tahiti between 1890 and 1893, a period from which only a handful of sculptures have survived. Sotheby’s said the previous record price for a Gauguin sculpture was $1.4 million.

The latest auction coincides with the “Gauguin: Maker of Myth” exhibition at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. It is the first major exhibition of the artist’s career in the United States in about 20 years.

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