Spiderman Behind the Scenes

Posted: May 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

With  a different kind of hero, Master Plasterer Jean-François Furieri of Iconoplast Designs in Toronto.

This Broadway theatre is located at 213 West 42nd Street in Manhattan and has been called Foxwoods, the Hilton and the Ford Center for the Performing Arts. (At one time it was the Apollo and Lyric Theatres.)

In 2009, Jean-François was called in to set the stage for Broadway’s largest production ever.

Jean-François had come from a large scale restoration job in Toronto and his task in New York was herculean. His team’s mandate was to retain 100% of the historic plaster – stabilize, crate, transport and store until re-installation. They spent three months painstakingly removing monumental plaster ornaments from the Apollo.

The theatre reincorporates key elements from its past lives. Today, patrons visiting the theatre sit under the dome from the Lyric and proscenium arch from the Apollo, and pass through the ornate Lyric facades on 43rd and 42nd Streets.

The proscenium needed to be reconstructed and increased in size. The proscenium arch was cut into 69 sections, the elliptical dome into 34, and the great sail vault over the orchestra pit into nearly 70 parts. A special metal structure had to be created to hold the pieces in place for paint removal.

The pieces were then packaged in crates and transported to storage.

The restoration work took a whole year to be completed, and left the Foxwoods ready for the production of the new musical Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, which was anticipated to open in December 2010. However, problems surrounding the large budget of the show have delayed its opening, now scheduled for June 14, 2011.

The Master of Plaster,  Jean-François Furieri.


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