Late Italian Renaissance

Posted: December 23, 2010 in Uncategorized

Jacopo Sansovino, one of the first essayers of the newfound art of decorative stucco, went to Venice, where he fostered it, making many statues and other large works, training up a large school there, and in it his most celebrated pupil, Alessandro Vittoria—an ingenious man to whom nothing was impossible. His vaulted ceiling from the Ducal Palace at Venice, executed about 1570, demonstrates his wonderfully varied skill in all phases of decorative art. Vittoria was an exuberant master.

Giorgio Vasari, biographer of so many artists, went to Florence to work on the Pitti Palace in 1555, and of the interior work of that school. There are many grand ceilings in this palace, with marvellous stucco work designed either by Vasari or the architect Ammanato, and executed by the school Giovanni da Udine established. This is the ceiling from the “Scala di Giove” which Vasari commenced in 1559.


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