Mona Lisa, painted by Leonardo da Vinci in the 15th Century. This is our version, an exact copy using the Tattoowall and the frame, an exact replica by Jean-François Furieri, Master Plasterer.

We are the Masters Academy of Decorative Arts and we teach decorative finishes using all mediums and finishes, and our Master Plasterer teaches restoration, moulding, and the art of plastering.  Our blog will show you the history of plaster from the late 1800s to where it is today. Nothing much has changed and due to technology and material changes, unfortunately “plastering” is becoming a dying art. With our blog and our school we hope to be able to show and teach the difference a “Master Plasterer” can make.  (See our Mona Lisa!)

Jean-François Furieri is a third-generation Master Plasterer from Cannes, France, with an expansive knowledge and history from his family generations and their techniques including mold making from European Masters.

The pages from William Millar’s book and photographs will show some of the ancient techniques from the 14th century BC and some remain in good condition today. In modern day times, our artisans Jim and Peter will show us present day techniques using Venetian plasters.

We look forward to receiving your comments.


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